Products for Sale

A range of landscaping products are periodically available for sale at Summerhill that have been produced from materials recovered on-site. Some or all of the items listed may not be available due to operating requirements or product availability. Please phone 4985 6600 ahead to confirm availability.

The following prices are for 2019/20 and include GST. A minimum charge applies to all loads. Payments by credit card will attract a 0.75% (GST inclusive) surcharge.

Product type (all grades & sizes are nominal)

Charge per tonne

Minimum charge

Recycled concrete aggregate - various sizes From $36.00 $20.50
Crushed rock aggregate - various sizes From $36.00 $20.50
Sandstone rocks - Various sizes $33.00 $20.50
Ungraded general fill - VENM $16.00 $24.00

NOTE: Products comply with and can only be used for activities outlined in The Resource Recovery Order (generator/processor) and Resource Recovery Exemptions (consumer).