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Use this form when changing the postal address of your rated property. For emailing of notices, Go to to register using the eNotice reference number on your latest notice.

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Privacy notice

Council is committed to protecting your privacy and takes reasonable steps to comply with all relevant legislation. The information is collected by Council for the purpose of processing your application. Your personal information will be stored in accordance with relevant legislation and will only be accessed by authorised Council Staff.

Purpose of Collection: Information required for rating purposes
Intended Recipients: City of Newcastle
Supply: Mandatory
Consequence of non-provision: Non process of application
Storage: Council's Electronic Document Management System
Retention Period: Records to be kept indefinitely

Posting or delivering your application

Download the change of address form (PDF)

If emailing your application, please email to:

If posting or delivering your application:

Please address to:

City of Newcastle
PO Box 489
Newcastle NSW 2300

or hand deliver to:

City of Newcastle
City Administration Centre
12 Stewart Avenue
Newcastle West NSW 2300

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