Community Updates

The Recovery Committee and its member agencies are communicating with the community in a range of ways including this website and social media.

Our most recent Joint Agency Community Update outlines progress of the recovery effort. It was published online on 12 April and printed copies were delivered to over approximately 3,500 letterboxes around the impact area over 13 and 14 April.

Previous community updates

  • 18 March - EPA Community Update. This was published online and delivered to approximately 2,000 letterboxes.
  • 18 March - City of Newcastle Community Update. This was published online on 18 March and delivered to approximately 1,500 letterboxes over 19 and 20 March.
  • 11 March - EPA Community Update. This was published online and delivered to approximately 1,500 letterboxes.

Previous meetings

  • Community meetings have been held on 2 March and 11 March. These meetings were used to provide broad updates on the incident to large groups of people shortly after the fire. Recordings of these two sessions were shared on Tim Crackanthorp MP's Facebook page.
  • Community drop-in sessions have been held on 16 March, 17 March, 13 April & 4 May. These sessions enable community members to speak to the Recovery Committee specific questions about their personal circumstances. These sessions are not recorded or live-streamed given the one-on-one nature of conversations taking place.
  • Our Recovery Committee have briefed the NCCCE (Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the Environment) on 7 March, 7 April, 28 April and 16 May. This committee was established in 2011, and its role is to advise the Minister for the Environment, the EPA and other relevant NSW Government agencies on matters of environmental concern in the Newcastle local government area. Committee members include representatives from industry, local government and community.