Statement on coastal damage following weekend weather event

14 Jun 2022

Large and powerful surf conditions combined with high tides have impacted sections of Newcastle's coastline over the weekend, compounded by the recent impact of the severe weather events in March and April.

Newcastle’s southern beaches, particularly Bar Beach, has been significantly stripped of sand leaving a large drop off between the sea wall and the promenade. Beach accessways at Merewether, Bar Beach and Dixon Park have been closed due to the safety of access ramps and stairs. City of Newcastle is conducting daily inspections across the southern beaches to ensure public safety and is finalising plans for repair work.

At Stockton Beach, waves overtopped some sections of the coastline including the Kyowa rock bag structures at Barrie Crescent, the Mitchell Street Seawall at Flint Street and some of the beach dune and accessways at Meredith and Beeston Streets and the Stockton Holiday Park.

Several beach accessways remain closed at Stockton until beach conditions improve and repair works are completed. There has been no reported impact to private property in Stockton.

City of Newcastle has supported the NSW Government's application for funding for Stockton Beach nourishment under the Federal Government’s Coastal and Estuarine Risk Mitigation Program. The total cost of a long-term solution to coastal erosion is estimated at $27.5 million and will require the approval of a licence to mine sand offshore.

The Deputy Premier’s Taskforce is scheduled to meet on June 23 to discuss mass sand nourishment sources. The initial volume of sand required for Stockton Beach is around 2.4 million cubic metres or the equivalent of 960 Olympic sized swimming pools.