Reports and Studies

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City of Newcastle has engaged specialist consultants including engineers, coastal experts, heritage architects, building and public space designers to provide their expertise to help inform decisions about the future design of the Newcastle Ocean Baths.

A number of these reports are available to download:

Review of Environmental Factors 2021 - Newcastle Ocean Baths Stage 1 Upgrade (PDF 52MB)

Newcastle Coastal Plan of Management 2015 (PDF 4.8MB)

Management Plan 2018 (PDF 6.5MB)

Newcastle Coastal Zone Hazards Study 2014 (PDF 20MB)

Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Study (PDF 19MB)

Heritage Places Strategic Plan and Plan of Management 2014 (PDF 1.8MB)

Newcastle Ocean Baths Conservation Management Plan 2002 (PDF 2.5MB)

Heritage Statement Office of Environment and Heritage – Newcastle Ocean Baths

Previous community consultation:

Newcastle Ocean Baths Survey Report 2014

Newcastle Ocean Baths Consultation Summary