Stage One Upgrade

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After considerable engagement with the community, the design for stage one was finalised in August 2021 and the tender process for construction was completed in November 2021.

Stage one work commenced in March 2022 and is expected to continue through to the middle of 2023. The entire site, including the pool, will be inaccessible for the duration of the construction period.

The $9.5 million recovered from the sale of CN's Fred Ash building is helping fund the Newcastle Ocean Baths Stage One upgrade along with $3 million in funding from the NSW Government’s Public Spaces Legacy Program.

What is happening on site?

  • Recent large seas continue to cause significant wave overtopping, however the team onsite continues to prepare ahead for these events ensuring minimal impact to the site.
  • Construction of the new wet well on the rock shelf to the west of the old pump station is underway. This will house the new pump system when the upgrade is completed.
  • Work is almost complete on the inlet pipework to the area directly in front of the bleachers. Work is also underway on the new inlet boxes.
  • The new outlet culvert is complete.
  • The new ramp into the pool is mostly constructed, and temporary precast concrete barriers and protection handrails are in place.
  • Work to replace the pool walls is underway. Community engagement and heritage assessments through the design phase of the project showed a preference for maintaining the original aesthetic of the site.
  • During the design phase, investigations into the walls of the pool showed they were in reasonable condition, and therefore the intent was to retain the original walls in keeping with community preferences.
  • As construction progressed the walls were found to be structurally inadequate to meet the upgrade's intended 50-year lifespan and therefore a full replacement of the walls is underway.

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Your safety

The community is reminded that the entire site is inaccessible for the duration of the construction period. We ask that for your own safety, you please adhere to site signage and follow instructions of site personnel.