Broadmeadow Regionally Significant Growth Area

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The Hunter Regional Plan 2041, prepared by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), identifies Broadmeadow as a regionally significant growth area and a priority location for future housing.

NSW Premier and Minister for Planning announced Broadmeadow as part of the State's Rezoning Pathways Program to unlock housing supply. You can view the media release here. CN will partner with DPE to carry out investigative studies for a Place Strategy to renew approximately 300 hectares of land in Broadmeadow. This will include rezoning some of the land for housing.

The Hunter Regional Plan 2041 identifies the need for a Place Strategy for the Broadmeadow regionally significant growth area. It will be a place-based strategy that provides coordination and delivery of planning, infrastructure and government services. It does not rezone land but provides a spatial representation of key planning factors for that place.

The Broadmeadow Place Strategy will consider other projects, such as Hunter Park, that recognise the precinct's immense potential and location, just five kilometres from the Newcastle CBD.

Community engagement and consultation will shape and lead the Place Strategy with City of Newcastle working closely and collaboratively with the community, DPE and multiple other stakeholders to develop. It will commence in early 2023.

Hunter Regional Plan 2041

The Hunter Regional Plan 2041 (December 2022) identifies the Broadmeadow regionally significant growth area and its potential to deliver exceptional place outcomes for Greater Newcastle.

Draft-Hunter-Regional-Plan-2041-1.pngBroadmeadow regionally significant growth area (Source: Hunter Regional Plan 2041)

Hunter Park

Venues NSW has prepared a business case for Hunter Park. The first stage of the business case includes a new entertainment centre.

  • A new Entertainment Centre, approximately double the size of the existing facility, co located with McDonald Jones Stadium at Hunter Park would include a new public domain and the potential for a hotel.

  • The proposal for the new Entertainment Centre has been submitted to Government for further consideration.

  • Relocation of Newcastle Harness Racing to a more appropriate location in the Lower Hunter is being considered by Government, but is not required for the new Entertainment Centre.

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