Event Sponsorship

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City of Newcastle's Event Sponsorship Program provides funding for events that promote Newcastle, provide economic benefit through tourism and capitalise on the city's assets.

Event Sponsorship Program funding for the 2020/21 financial year will be allocated across five categories:

  1. Community Events
  2. Major Community Events
  3. Destination Events
  4. Commercial Events
  5. Business Events.

Our Event Sponsorship Policy (PDF) outlines eligibility criteria, the assessment process and the scope of the program.

The 2020/21 Event Sponsorship Program initial assessment round is now closed. Out of round applications may be submitted.

Please download the relevant application form as follows:

  1. General Event Application (PDF) for applicants requesting $5,000 or less
  2. Major Event Application (PDF) for applicants requesting over $5,000
  3. Business Event Application (PDF) for applicants seeking sponsorship for business conference events

An Event Budget Template (PDF) is available for your use if required, and may accompany your submission.

Completed applications, including all supporting documents, are to be emailed to prior to the closing date to esp@ncc.nsw.gov.au. Please ensure all relevant eligibility criteria as per the Event Sponsorship Policy have been met in your application.

The holding of events is dependant on conformance with current federal and state restrictions regarding mass gatherings. Sponsorship agreements will be executed once a compliant event date has been agreed between the applicant and the City of Newcastle.

An additional advertised round of the Event Sponsorship Program will be held later in the 2020/21 financial year, in line with changes to current mass gathering restrictions. In addition, we can accept out of round applications under special circumstances.

For any questions regarding the Event Sponsorship Program, please contact our Events team on (02) 4974 2837 or email esp@ncc.nsw.gov.au.