Roads-Work Zone Application Form

A work zone permit is a parking permit available for tradesmen, contractors or builders to carry out building/construction works in an area where there is a high parking demand.

It is generally only suitable for long-term works due to the cost and time required to install work zone signage.  A signposted work zone is for the sole use of the applicant's (person/company) construction vehicles and allows parking for these vehicles and for the pick-up/set down of construction materials.  Work zones are enforced by Council's Parking Compliance Officers and vehicles not related to the construction works can be issued with an infringement notice.

Read  conditions for the approval of work zones (pdf)

You need to complete the  Work Zone Application Form and submit by email to for assessment.

For extension of an existing Work Zone complete the  Work Zone Extension Application Form and submit to

Please allow 15 working days for the processing of a work zone application.