The City of Newcastle is expanding its existing FREE e-Library to provide even more access to e-book and e-audio platforms, video stories, movie and music streaming platforms, plus a huge range of online newspapers and e-magazines.

There are some fantastic options in our e-Library, including:

  • Four e-book and e-audio platforms with thousands of titles including latest release and popular titles;
  • A children’s story platform, Storybox, that includes videos of well-known Australian authors and TV personalities reading aloud;
  • An online platform called Press reader that has a wide range of international and regional newspapers;
  • An online platform called RB Digital (also an e-book and e-audio platform) that offers a huge range of popular e-magazines;
  • Two movie streaming platforms (Kanopy and Beamafilm) that contain over 30,000 movies, documentaries, kids and wellness content;
  • A music streaming platform, Freegal, that offers access to around 15 million songs including entire Sony Music Recording catalogue; and
  • National Geographic online.

Who does this support apply to?

Anyone with a City of Newcastle Library membership.

Not a member? If you live, work or regularly travel in the Newcastle region, you can become a member of the Library free of charge by registering online.

How do I access the online content?

The easiest way to access the e-Library via the Newcastle Region Library app. 

Download from:


How can I find out more?

Visit Newcastle Libraries or call (02) 4974 5300 and speak to a staff member between 9.30am-5pm weekdays and 9.30am-1.30pm Saturdays.