Free training for small businesses

City of Newcastle has developed a Local Accredited Online Training Program to provide upskilling and development opportunities for small business owners and their staff. The training programs are being delivered online by the University of Newcastle, TAFE NSW and Novaskill, with places for 560 individual students across 14 individual training packages.

COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of business, with the small business sector required to adapt quickly. This training has been targeted at providing staff within organisations an ongoing benefit during the recovery phase from COVID-19 and beyond as the economy returns to a 'New Normal' state.  

The programs will cover:

  • Business resilience  
  • Business diversification  
  • Business agility  
  • Business innovation  
  • Digital transformation / readiness  
  • Management and finance   
  • Community wellbeing and development  
  • Diversity, access and inclusion  
  • Sustainability  

How To Register:

1. Meet the eligibility criteria:

  • A student is defined as anyone that works for a small business
  • Businesses located within the CN LGA with max of 20 employees. 
  • A student is only eligible to undertake 1 training package.

2. Contact the relevant training institute to apply:

Key Information:

  • Enrolments are currently open at all three participating organisations
  • The training packages will be fully delivered by end of November 2020