Events and public gatherings

Last updated 21 May 2021

In response to NSW Health Public Health Order, several events held in Newcastle or planned to be held on Newcastle community lands under a City of Newcastle event licence have changed. Please contact the event organiser/promoter directly for the latest information.

As Public Health Orders are updated the restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings may change.

Frequently asked questions

The NSW Government has issued several Public Health Orders which place restrictions on events, functions and public gatherings held indoors and outdoors.

Refer to the NSW Health What you can and can't do under the rules for clarifications and exclusions.

The total attendance at an event would include spectators, participants (e.g. athletes or performers), support personnel and all venue staff.

The current Public Health Order is noted to be repealed on 14 August 2020.

Note that conditions and information is being updated daily in response to the changing conditions. 

Any cancellation of an event that has already received a licence must be submitted in writing to the City of Newcastle Event Licencing Team via

Please note any applicable fees will be reviewed on a case by case basis, due to the varied circumstances and any costs already incurred. Further information can be provided following submission of the notice of cancellation.  

You will need to notify the City of Newcastle Event Licensing team of the proposed new date/s via

Alternate dates will be subject to availability, and will be subject to the standard fees and charges for an amendment to an event licence.

Facilities and venues will be subject to changing conditions based of operational decisions made around COVID-19 management. Please contact for further information around the availability of CN owned/managed facilities and outdoor venues.