Cooks Hill - Swan Street renewal

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We are on track to complete the renewal works in Swan Street, Cooks Hill by the end of June 2020. Civil construction works began in October 2018 and have been undertaken to alleviate problems such as localised flooding, cracked pavements and poor road surface associated with deteriorated infrastructure in the area. 

Project update

  • Work has progressed from  Darby Street to Kitchener Parade with the stormwater drainage kerb and gutter and footways nearly compete.
  • Work will progress on the installation of tree pits and roadway reconstruction as we finalise the project.

Work completed

The section of work from Kitchener Parade to Mosbri Avenue has been completed and provides a good representation of the finish that will be achieved for the rest of the project. 

Photos - April 17, 2020

Construction timeline and traffic management

The Swan Street renewal is anticipated to be complete mid 2020. During this time there will be changed traffic conditions in the area. 
Queen Street east of Darby Street will be closed with detours in place while work is underway. 
Motorists and pedestrians are asked to follow all directional and warning signs during construction ensure a safe work zone. 
The road reconstruction in Swan St between Brooks St and Kitchener Parade will require the construction of a concrete base. This will take up to a couple of weeks and further detailed information will be provided by the construction team on the timing of this. 
Future associated works in Darby Street will be undertaken as a separate project. Works in this are will be advised separately later.

Previous completed works

The overall project commenced in August 2017 with the removal of 24 street trees which will be replaced with tree species selected by the residents on completion of the renewal work. Traffic signals and street lights were also previously relocated, as well as trenching and repositioning of gas, water and telecommunication services. Download the latest project update (PDF)