Urban Design Review Panel

The Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) provides independent, expert advice to City of Newcastle (CN) and applicants about the quality of the urban design and amenity of developments.
Development that must be referred to the UDRP includes:
  • Residential flat buildings
  • Shop top housing
  • Mixed-use development with residential accommodation component
  • Strata subdivision of serviced apartments
  • Any proposal within the Newcastle City Centre that seeks to utilise NLEP Clause 7.5 – Design excellence
Other types of development that may be referred to the UDRP due to their nature, location or scale, and likely impact upon the surrounding locality. These include:
  • Boarding houses
  • Education establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Multi dwelling and attached dwelling developments comprising ten or more dwellings,
  • Place of public worship
  • Seniors housings
  • Serviced apartment
  • Tourist and visitor accommodation
  • Modification applications where the development consent to be modified was subject to UDRP advice and the modifications are not minor
  • Any other development referred at the discretion of the Manager
The UDRP operates in accordance with the UDRP Charter (PDF) adopted by CN. The UDRP is an advisory panel only and the advice provided by the panel is to inform the assessment process. It is not the purpose of the UDRP to have any role in the determination of development applications, nor are its recommendations binding on CN’s determination of an application.


For more information contact Customer Service on 02 4974 2000.