Heritage Attractions

Newcastle is one of Australia's oldest and most interesting cities. Containing a quirky blend of new and old architecture, a rich indigenous history, a working harbour and fabulous beaches, Newcastle is known as unique and eclectic. To help you get the most out of your visit, we've put together some 'must-do' heritage attractions. Enjoy, immerse and discover yourself in our city's heritage sites!

The Ultimate Newcastle Heritage Tourist Trail

To discover the Ultimate Newcastle Heritage Tourist Trail we suggest setting aside a leisurely half day, but two days to fully explore Newcastle is even better! The places you'll visit are linked by our history and heritage and reveal powerful stories of our people and culture.  

Enjoy our Ultimate Newcastle Heritage Tourist Trail on foot or bike.
  For more information on these and other heritage attractions see  Visit Newcastle website.

Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is an icon of our city. Loved by locals and visitors alike it is a popular swimming spot and is accessible from King Edward Park. Explore more about the history of the Bogey Hole here.

Cathedral Park

Explore the headstones and the colourful history of this fascinating burial site.

Coal River

Newcastle was the first of Australia's Coal Rivers and the first Australian place where convicts were sent to mine coal. Learn more about this story, about the natural landscape and the Hunter River.

Civic Theatre

The Civic Theatre has been our star attraction since it opened in 1929. A trip to the 'Civic' will reward you through the magic of its beautiful baroque interiors and fabulous location in the city centre. Explore its history here.

Convict Lumberyard

Visit Australia's oldest recorded place of industrial activity, in the Convict Lumber Yard heritage park. Learn about the key heritage features of the site and nearby 'Coal River' precinct.

Cultural Centre

The Newcastle War Memorial Cultural Centre is a powerful reminder of the role of Newcastle in two world wars and a gift to the city. Explore its history, which began in 1957.

Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley Historic Site is a fascinating aspect of our city's past and a great place to explore our magnificent coastline and cityscapes.

Lead Light Tower

The Lead Light tower is a heritage icon. With its castle-like parapet it demonstrates the importance of trade and shipping to Newcastle and in turn the importance of Newcastle in developing the Australian economy. Explore more here.


The Obelisk is one of our cherised heritage assets and a great place to explore the city skyline and coastline.

Ocean Baths

Newcastle Ocean Baths are an iconic heritage site on the beach and have a special place in our city's rich heritage. Learn more about the Ocean Baths here.

Wreck of the Adolphe

The wreck of the French four-masted barque Adolphe lies off the Stockton breakwall. The account of the wreck is a story of the courageous and skilful work of the lifeboat crew who saved every life on board.