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Event submission guidelines

For your event to be listed on our event calendar, events must: 

  • Be open to the general public
  • Have a component within the City of Newcastle local government area
  • Have broad appeal to the city's community and visitors
  • Be submitted by the event organiser or authorised agent
  • Event has the appropriate event licence approvals, permissions and insurances
  • Not be a professional development course
  • Not be part of qualification coursework
  • Not be a study
  • Not be promoting a business
  • Not be a call for volunteers
  • Not raise awareness for a campaign without a specific venue
  • Not be an online-only event
  • Not be a political party fundraiser
  • Be specific, finalised and confirmed prior to submission. Events with dates or locations yet to be announced cannot be listed
  • City of Newcastle is not obliged to list events submitted here and reserves the right to edit or decline any event
  • Content submitted, including images, is subject to review by our editors
  • Having editors review submissions helps to ensure listings are consistent with our style, guidelines are followed and pages are of a high quality. That means maximum readership for your event.

Image specifications and privacy

Photos make your listing more attractive and enable your business or event to be featured.  When adding photos, please ensure:
  • They are free of text or marketing messages
  • They accurately represent your business or event
  • You own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner
  • You have permission from any people that can be identified in the image
  • If children are identifiable, you have written consent from their parent/guardian
  • They are taken in a lawful, fair and direct manner.

Images sizes

Landscape-orientated photos work best.  We accept jpg, png and gif file types.

Image file sizes cannot be larger than 2mb.  Each event must have 1 main image (thumbnail). You may upload up to 5 additional images.
Name Width Height Note
Thumbnail 600px 400px Displays on Event Listing page in grid or detailed view
Hero image 860px 400px Displays as large image on the event page
Full Width Banner 1920px 500px displays a full width image at the top of the event page

How long does it take for event to be approved

We aim to review all submissions within 48 hours - Events submitted on a Saturday or Sunday will be reviewed the following Monday.

Do you confirm events taking place?

Event confirmation is the responsibility of the organiser.

How can I make an edit to an event once I have submitted

You can email us at with your changes.

Who manages this site

What’s On is curated by Council staff.


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