Delivering Newcastle 2040: Budget 2022-2023

City of Newcastle’s Delivery Program 2022-2025 and Operational Plan 2022-2023 are known as Delivering Newcastle 2040 (DN2040).

Delivering Newcastle 2040: Budget 2022-2023
DN2040 is one of our most important documents as it demonstrates our commitment to our community and guides delivery of our services and projects across the next financial year.

CN will invest $345.6 million into delivering services and a further record $132.6 million on infrastructure projects including the long-awaited expansion of the Newcastle Art Gallery and the much-needed revitalisation of the Newcastle Ocean Baths. 

2022-2023 is the first delivery year of our new Community Strategic Plan Newcastle 2040 which was endorsed by Council on the 26 April 2022. CN will deliver 313 projects as part of the infrastructure program and 296 actions which will be reported to the community on a quarterly basis through our quarterly performance reports and dashboards.

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Delivering Newcastle 2040 was adopted by Council on 28 June 2022.

Project timeline

Thursday 28 April
Public Exhibition opens
Delivering Newcastle 2040: Delivery Program 2022-2026, Operational Plan 2022/23, Fees and Charges 2022/23 and Long-Term Financial Plan 2022-2032

Frequently asked questions

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework recognises communities share aspirations around matters such as safety, health, built environment and liveability. It identifies that our plans shouldn't exist in isolation and that planning should occur holistically. All Council's in NSW must work within the IP&R framework which promotes integration across the various service areas within Council and also State level plans.

Our Budget forms part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. It outlines actions and objectives CN will undertake to achieve the strategies outlined in the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

The Delivery Program is a four-year plan that covers the term of our elected Council. To create our Delivery Program, we asked what we can achieve over the next four years to bring us closer to the community’s vision and priorities outlined in Newcastle 2040

The Operational Plan 2022-2023 outlines the actions and projects that will be undertaken for each objective and identifies primary responsibilities.

The Long-Term Financial Plan support these documents and provide us with important information about our current resources and show our consideration of the financials required to deliver the actions and projects and priorities into the future.

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