Exhibition of various Draft DCP Sections

Exhibition of various Draft DCP Sections

Council at its meetings of 22 March 2022 and 26 April 2022 resolved to publicly exhibit the following sections of the Development Control Plan:

  • 4.02 Bush Fire Protection
  • 4.03 Mine Subsidence
  • 4.04 Safety and Security
  • 6.03 Wickham
  • 7.03 Traffic, Parking and Access

The proposed changes support greater consistency with City of Newcastle's adopted strategies, relevant legislation or guidelines and best practice.

Public Exhibition Period

Monday 16 May 2022 to Sunday 12 June 2022.

Submit your written comments

Written submissions with 'Draft Section X of Newcastle DCP 2012' in the subject line will be received until 5pm on Sunday 12 June 2022 and can be made by:
Chief Executive Officer
City of Newcastle
Attention: Samantha Cross
PO Box 489
Newcastle NSW 2300

Protecting your privacy

The City of Newcastle is committed to protecting your privacy.  We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and Council policy.
Purpose of collecting personal details: Council is collecting this information to determine the local community’s views and opinions on the proposal outlined.
Intended recipients:  Information provided as part of the consultation will be used as part of the investigation into the proposal, and may be included in future reports on the issue.
Storage and security:  Information provided will be stored on Council's database and will be subject to Council’s information and privacy policies.
Access: Individuals can access data to check accuracy by contacting Council.

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