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Gregson Park Masterplan

We're developing a Masterplan to guide the vision and renewal of the park over the next 10-15 years.

Gregson Park Masterplan

Gregson Park Masterplan

Community engagement for the Masterplan was carried out between August and December 2020 and included key stakeholder interviews, school workshops, park drop in sessions, online survey and social pinpoint map.

We asked the community to tell us how they use Gregson Park, share memories of the historical site and have their say on future uses of the park. Feedback collected will help inform the draft Masterplan for Gregson Park, which will be placed on public exhibition for further feedback in 2021.

The key findings identified several common themes relating to:

  • Plantings and Aboriginal Culture – retain fig trees and flower beds and add native plant species
  • Basic Amenities – upgrades needed
  • Playspace – larger and more inclusive
  • Community gathering – upgrade park assets to support events
  • Heritage – keep canons and monuments
  • Recreation – upgrade parts of park for active recreation

For more information, view the engagement report or see the frequently asked questions section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Masterplan is a document that guides the management and future renewal of an area.  It a process that defines what is important about a place and how its character and quality can be conserved, improved and enhanced. The Gregson Park Masterplan will include key information such as historical context, background information, values, principles and objectives, and concept designs that will be used as a blueprint to progress the renewal of the site. 

The Masterplan will identify issues during the initial engagement phase and will include community priorities for facilities such the former bowling club site, a new play space and amenities. The Masterplan will also address current and future use of the park for events, activities and heritage interpretation.  

The development of the Masterplan allows us to review the existing park infrastructure such as pathways, memorials, tennis courts, greenhouse, maintenance building and provision of amenities. Consideration of plans for the existing infrastructure will be subject to the community engagement which is currently underway.

City of Newcastle has engaged Phillips Marler, an award winning landscape architecture firm, to work with the community and develop a draft Masterplan for whole park, including preliminary design concepts for the former bowling club site. 

The historic fig trees are a much-loved aspect of the park and we ensure that the trees are considered throughout the development of the Masterplan. We recently developed a plan with expert arborists to save a 100-year-old Port Jackson fig tree in the park.

Throughout the development of the Masterplan City of Newcastle will be seeking community feedback to ensure it meets the needs of the community. 

Phase 1 Engagement will occur between 9 and 30 September 2020, when City of Newcastle will invite community input into the Masterplan process via survey, mapping tool, online information sessions and community drop in sessions (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).  

Following Phase 1, the draft Masterplan will be developed based on the values and aspirations the community hold for Gregson Park.  

Phase 2 Engagement will see the draft Masterplan placed on public exhibition in early 2021 for a period of 28 days, during which the community will be invited to provide input.  

Yes, traditional owners have been consulted as part of the preliminary investigations and will continue to have input into the City’s plans for the area.

Yes, Gregson Park is steeped in history and as such heritage interpretation will be considered appropriately during the development of the Masterplan.

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