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Third online workshop 15 September to finalise the Local Character Statement

Tighes Hill Local Character Study

Tighes Hill Local Character Study

Help shape tomorrow's Tighes Hill

Character is a critical element of our neighbourhoods that needs to be understood and considered while planning for change in the City of Newcastle. All areas have character and we want to understand what aspects of your local area you value and want to retain while our city continues to evolve and change.

Many things create character including the buildings, shops, parks and the residents! Council needs to hear what is most important to you about the combination of buildings in Tighes Hill and how they are used. This can be described by qualities such as land uses, for example the Maitland Road shops or Tighes Hill TAFE, architectural styles, building densities, height, types, materials, setbacks and landscaping.

The character of Tighes Hill is constantly changing, with some elements of the history being retained for longer than others. Have a look into the past and think about how it has created the Tighes Hill we see today by viewing the story map: Story-map-button-3.png

This study is a two-stage project, the Tighes Hill pilot being the first. As participants in the pilot you will help us review and refine the study before we replicate it across the council area.

Get involved

A third Online wokshop is taking place on 15 September. The intention of this workshop is to finalise the Local Character Statement developed over our previous two workshops.

Please register your details below if you would like to attend the wokshop, and you will be emailed the details on how to connect to the online event.

You can still make further submissions about the Tighes Hill Local Character Study to the project team at urbanplanning@ncc.nsw.gov.au

Frequently asked questions

Local character considers the way a place looks and feels; it is the identity of a place and what makes a neighbourhood distinctive. Understanding local character allows councils and communities to agree on their desired future and how an area will change over time.

This study is focused on the aspects of character influenced by urban planning controls, primarily the buildings and the open space around them. These are controlled by local councils through the Local Environment Plan, Development Control Plan and other strategic planning documents like the Local Strategic Planning Statement.

When this pilot project is completed at Tighes Hill, City of Newcastle will consider the feedback received from the community, review the engagement activities and commence engagement across the council area in the second half of 2021. How the council wide study is undertaken will depend on the findings of the Tighes Hill pilot so further information cannot be provided at this stage.

Project timeline

19 April 2021
Community engagement opens
Leave your feedback on our interactive map or come to a workshop
Late 2021 - Mid 2022
LGA wide local character study
Mid - Late 2022
Final study completed including recommendations

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