Kotara Local Character Study

Kotara Local Character Study

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Character is a critical element of our neighbourhoods that needs to be understood and considered while planning for change in the City of Newcastle. All areas have character and to help with future development approvals, we want to understand what aspects of the buildings, their settings, fencing, landscaping, trees and gardens you value and want to retain while our city continues to evolve and change.

Local character is comprised of many things, both tangible and non-tangible. The aspects of local character we are considering in this study is limited outcomes that are influenced by the local environmental plan and development control plan. This includes land use type, form and design​.

The area surrounding Westfield and the industrial area has been designated a ‘Catalyst Area’ by the Department of Planning. Planning for this area will be addressed through a separate study at a later date so is not in the scope of the Kotara Local Character Study. Further information on this area can be found in the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan and the City of Newcastle Local Strategic Planning Statement.

The study is a two-stage project, with Kotara being part of the initial pilot stage.

Please view our Have Your Say page on the Tighes Hill local character pilot study to see the type of outcomes that will come from this project.

Community engagement

In 2021, we worked with the Kotara community through a number of online engagement activities to understand what aspects of Kotara the community values and wants to retain as our city evolves.

Summary of Kotara engagement:


Have your say

Thanks for having your say! We are currently reviewing your feedbakc and will report back soon.

Please view the below presentation for an introduction to local character and the importance of the study in Kotara. In the presentation we also address some of the questions we have received so far.

The character of Kotara is constantly changing, with some elements of the history being retained for longer than others. Have a look into the past with the photos below and think about how it has created the Kotara we see today.

Frequently asked questions

Local character considers the way a place looks and feels; it is the identity of a place and what makes a neighbourhood distinctive. Understanding local character allows councils and communities to agree on their desired future and how an area will change over time.

This study is focused on the aspects of character influenced by urban planning controls, primarily the buildings and the open space around them. These are controlled by local councils through the Local Environment Plan, Development Control Plan and other strategic planning documents like the Local Strategic Planning Statement.

When this pilot project is completed at Kotara, City of Newcastle will consider the feedback received from the community, review the engagement activities and commence engagement across the council area in 2022. How the council wide study is undertaken will depend on the findings of the Kotara pilot (and the Tighes Hill pilot conducted in April-May 2021) so further information cannot be provided at this stage.

Project timeline

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