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Newcastle 2040

Newcastle 2040 is a shared community vision, developed as a guide to inform strategies and actions throughout the city.

Newcastle 2040

Newcastle 2040 was unanimously adopted by Council in April 2022 as our shared community vision, developed as a guide to inform policies and actions throughout the city for the next 10+ years. With direct input from a wide cross-section of the community, it represents what we value in our city and what we want to prioritise. We will be a better city in 2040 thanks to the input and insight of the community members who contributed their time to this planning process. Thank you to everyone that provided feedback on Newcastle 2040, enabling us to plan for Newcastle to be a liveable, sustainable, inclusive global city.

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Frequently asked questions

A community strategic plan represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by local councils.

The plan identifies the main priorities and aspirations of the community, providing a clear set of strategies to achieve Newcastle's vision for the future.

It's the story of our key strengths, opportunities and challenges for the future to realise our vision of becoming a smart, liveable and sustainable city.

This Plan is the guiding document for our four-year delivery plans and yearly operational plans. It tells us what services we should be providing to our community, what buildings and other infrastructure we will need to provide these services and what are the key things you want to see happen in our city over the next decade.

CN plays a leadership role in initiating and developing the community strategic plan on behalf of the community, however it is not wholly responsible for its implementation. Other partners such as state government agencies, non-government agencies, businesses and community groups also play a key role in delivering Newcastle's vision for the future.

As per the legislative requirements of the guidelines NSW Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework, the CN is expected to conduct major reviews of the Strategic Community Plan every four years and minor reviews in the second year of the Plan to assess any shifting community priorities, values, expectations and needs.

Who's listening

Corporate Planner

Phone: 02 4974 4900

Project timeline

Early 2020 to August 2021
Community engagement
We carried out a range of in-person and online engagement activities to hear from our communities.
August to October 2021
Data crunching
We reviewed feedback from over 4,500 people on their aspirations and priorities for Newcastle's future.
Thursday 4 November 2021
Online community workshop
Hear about community aspirations and priorities for Newcastle's future, learn how we're addressing these in Newcastle 2040, and let us know if we've missed anything.
November to December 2021
Strategy writing
We used community insights to help shape the draft Newcastle 2040 document.
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