Involving our community in decision-making

Our Engagement Commitment

Our Engagement Commitment

We're committed to involving our community in decision-making and providing effective communications.

Our objective: 

Our community is involved in decision-making, and our engagement is planned, proactive and meaningful.

Our guiding principles: 

  • Accountability - City of Newcastle (CN) commits to conduct transparent and inclusive engagement processes that are responsive and accountable
  • Inclusiveness - CN makes its best efforts to reach, involve and hear from those who are impacted directly or indirectly by CN decisions. CN encourages the community to provide meaningful input and feedback
  • Transparency - CN provides clear, timely, concise and complete information, and endeavours to ensure decision processes and procedures are followed and constraints are understood. CN widely shares information about CN services, activities and decisions, and regularly communicates and celebrates local community participation
  • Commitment - CN, within its ability and work plans, allocates sufficient resources for effective engagement. CN uses innovative communication technologies and best practice consultation tools and techniques to engage, plan and encourage information sharing with our community to enable genuine community participation and collaboration
  • Responsiveness - CN monitors and seeks to understand and evaluate current community sentiments through active engagement and collaboration. Timely information is provided about ways to participate through appropriate channels.
The City Marketing and Engagement Strategy was adopted September 2018. The updated Community Engagement Policy was adopted November 2018.

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