Pedestrian Survey

We all need to be able to get around our community to undertake our daily activities, whether it is for work, education, social activities, or other reasons. Improving Newcastle so people can move safely and more easily between spaces is important and this survey focused on pedestrian access and the walkability of our city.

Pedestrian Survey

Principal Pedestrian Network

We have begun developing our strategic Pedestrian Plan, which includes the ‘Principal Pedestrian Network’ (PPN) for Newcastle - a mapped network of routes which support pedestrian activity into and around key destinations such as shops, schools, parks, and transport stops.

The PPN will be combined with our existing project database as well as a range of other local insights to guide the identification, prioritisation, and development of pedestrian projects across the city. We understand that there are a wide range of locations where our pedestrian network can be improved, and the PPN will be a key tool to improve and accelerate our pedestrian access program in the coming years.

The prioritisation system ultimately aims to identify where pedestrian improvements would be most beneficial which ensures the greatest outcomes for the community.

Principal Pedestrian Network Map

This example from the PPN shows the routes that would be frequently used (more frequent in red) to get to Wallsend South Public School by people taking the shortest path from home.

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Thank you providing feedback on our pedestrian survey. To stay up to date with the progression of the PPN visit our pedestrian page.

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