Traffic & Pedestrian Project

Proposed Pedestrian Crossing - Birmingham Gardens

We have sought feedback on pedestrian safety improvements at Wilkinson Avenue, Birmingham Gardens.

Proposed Pedestrian Crossing - Birmingham Gardens

We have sought feedback on a proposal for a new pedestrian crossing on Wilkinson Avenue at the intersection with King Street, Birmingham Gardens. The proposal also included a new footpath and the relocation of a bus stop.


This proposed project will improve pedestrian safety and amenity in this area, as well as increase the accessibility of public transport. This project is in response to community requests to address safety between King Street and Blue Gum Road and also follows the occurrence of traffic incidents at the intersection.

There is currently a bus stop in the most suitable location for the pedestrian crossing, which will need to be relocated as part of the project. Alternative locations for the eastbound school bus stop were comprehensively assessed and the planned bus stop location was chosen as the safest option, which will deliver the best overall outcome for the community.

What was proposed

  • Construction of kerb extensions to reduce the crossing width
  • Construction of a raised pedestrian crossing
  • Construction of a concrete footpath on the south side of Wilkinson Avenue from the proposed pedestrian crossing to Blue Gum Road
  • Relocation of eastbound school bus stop
  • Landscaping
  • Street lighting upgrades

Feedback is now being reviewed and a report will be prepared for Council.

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City of Newcastle

Phone: 02 4974 2000

Project timeline

11 March 2022
Public exhibition commences for 28 days

Protecting your privacy

The City of Newcastle is committed to protecting your privacy.  We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and Council policy.
Purpose of collecting personal details: Council is collecting this information to determine the local community’s views and opinions on the proposal outlined.
Intended recipients:  Information provided as part of the consultation will be used as part of the investigation into the proposal, and may be included in future reports on the issue.
Storage and security:  Information provided will be stored on Council's database and will be subject to Council’s information and privacy policies.
Access: Individuals can access data to check accuracy by contacting Council.
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