We are seeking feedback on the revised Policy

Public Voice and Public Briefing Policy

Public Voice and Public Briefing Policy


The purpose of a Public Voice and Public Briefing Policy is to provide a framework for members of the public to address the elected Council on issues relevant to City of Newcastle's (CN's) functions.
There are no legislative or regulatory obligations related to the Policy. The Policy provides for public participation above that of the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and the NSW Model Code of Meeting Practice.

What changes are proposed

The key difference between CN's current Policy and the revised Policy is clarification that Public Voice sessions are for presentations to the Council on Development Applications that are determined by CN's Development Applications Committee (cl. 4.1).
For other significant CN matters, members of the public may apply for a Public Briefing session which provides an opportunity to make presentations to Council relating to significant issues of a general, strategic or policy nature relevant to CN's functions, facilities or services.

Ways to have your say

We are seeking community feedback on the revised Policy.
The public exhibition of the Public Voice and Public Briefing Policy commenced on Thursday 4 August 2022.
You can submit your feedback regarding the revised Public Voice and Public Briefing Policy by completing the following form.
The public exhibition period closes Thursday 1 September 2022.
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Further information

Keri Neveldsen

Manager Governance and Councillor Services

Phone: 4974 2216
Email: governance@ncc.nsw.gov.au

Protecting your privacy 

The City of Newcastle is committed to protecting your privacy. We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and Council policy. 
Purpose of collecting personal details: Council is collecting this information to determine the local community’s views and opinions on the proposal outlined. 
Intended recipients: Information provided as part of the consultation will be used as part of the investigation into the proposal and may be included in future reports on the issue. 
Storage and security:  Information provided will be stored on Council's database and will be subject to Council’s information and privacy policies. 
Access: Individuals can access data to check accuracy by contacting Council. 

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