Lynda is now LinkedIn Learning

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Despite the new name, the same great content is available in 7 languages, delivered through an intuitive, new learning experience that only requires your library membership number and PIN to log in. All Lynda course history will move across to LinkedIn Learning.

How do I access and use LinkedIn Learning?

  • Go to our LinkedIn Learning portal on any device with an internet connection
  • Sign in using your library card number and PIN - default PIN is 1234 for all members
  • Use LinkedIn Learning on a computer via our website or with the LinkedIn Learning app
  • Using the LinkedIn Learning app requires a small once-off set up process (follow the step-by-step instructions further down the page)
  • Please note that your LinkedIn Learning account is separate to your LinkedIn professional profile (if you have one)

How to set up your LinkedIn Learning account:

  • Go to our LinkedIn Learning portal
  • Click on Get Started, then enter your library card number and PIN - default PIN is 1234 for all members - and click Continue
  • If you haven't previously set up a Lynda account you may need to complete your profile by entering your First name, Last name and Email
  • You will then be asked to nominate your interests to personalize your learning experience. Click Continue when you have selected your interests.
  • You can then choose to set a weekly goal or skip ahead by clicking on Maybe Later button
  • Your account and user profile is set up. Click on Start Learning, you are now ready to use LinkedIn Learning!
  • If you want to use the LinkedIn Learning app please follow the additional steps below

How do I access LinkedIn Learning with the LinkedIn Learning app?
Follow the step-by-step instructions below to obtain and set up the app. You will only need to follow this process the first time you use the app then you will remain logged into your LinkedIn Learning account.

  • Download the LinkedIn Learning app from Google Play or the App Store
  • Once installed, open the app
  • Select Sign in from the opening screen
  • A screen will open asking you to sign in using your organization email, personal email, or with your library ID. You need to sign in with our library ID. If a library ID isn't mentioned on this screen then click on sign in with your library card which should take you to where you enter our library ID
  • Type in newcastle as the library ID (Lowercase n is required)
  • Tap on the Continue button
  • The Verify your library card to start learning screen will open
  • Enter your library card number and PIN - default PIN is 1234 for all members - and click on Continue
  • Your library card number and PIN will be verified by the app
  • If you are a new LinkedIn Learning user you may be asked for your name, email and to nominate any interests and learning goals. If you previously used Lynda with your library card you may get a 'welcome back' message
  • You are ready to learn with LinkedIn Learning anytime, anywhere!

How do I access LinkedIn Learning on a computer?

  • Go to our LinkedIn Learning portal
  • If you are using LinkedIn Learning for the first time you may need to set up your account. Please see the set up instructions towards the top of this page

Tips for managing and making the most of your LinkedIn Learning account
Once you have logged in with your library barcode you must create a personalized account by entering your name and email address. This account can help you manage your course history, playlists, bookmarks, and Certificates of Completion. Many courses also feature exercise files, so that if you're watching a tutorial about Microsoft Excel you can follow the activity with downloadable, pre-populated Excel spreadsheet files.