CBCA Book Week 2020

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Each year the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) brings children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week. During this time schools and public libraries spend one glorious week celebrating books and Australian children's authors and illustrators.  

Usually held in August, this year celebrations have moved to Term 4 due to Covid-19.

Join us from October 19-23 as we celebrate the best of Australian children’s literature.  

Preschool fun at home:

Listen: Tune into the Newcastle Libraries Facebook page for Story Stomp Live on Wednesday 14, 21 and 28 October at 11am, as we present our favourite books from the shortlist.  

Create: Colour in Gwyn Perkins' quirky and colourful 2020 CBCA Book Week theme artwork  or make an expanding bookmark using one of her quirky designs. You can also draw your own wild and curious creatures by following Gwyn's tips.

Book Week fun at school: The Book Week play 

Students in Kinder to Year 2 will love the new take on our traditional Book Week Play. This year we’ve made it easy for you! Taking the Book Week theme ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’ and five of our favourite short-listed titles, we’ve developed a series of four, ten minute online segments. Using drama and puppetry, your students will see the books come alive as a Live stream on our Facebook page from the 19th to 23rd October. We'll also include further teaching ideas and links to make ‘looking deeper’ super easy.

The book cover for 'The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals' by Sami BaylyThe book cover for 'Three' by Stephen Michael KingThe book cover for 'I need a parrot' by Chris McKimmieThe book cover for 'We’re stuck' by Sue deGennaroThe book cover for 'Searching for Cicadas' by Lesley Gibbes and Judy Watson

Missed our Facebook LIVE Book Week Plays? We have permission from the publishers to retain 'I need a parrot' and 'Searching for Cicadas' on our website until the end of Term 4 (Friday 18 December 2020). Watch them below:

Teacher Resources

The book cover for 'Three' by Stephen Michael KingOne, two, three... Every day was a hop and a skip for Three. He was happy to walk from here to there, wherever his nose led, or wherever his legs took him... all the way to new friends.

Author/Illustrator: Stephen Michael King

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

ISBN: 9781760664053

The illustrator at work: watch Stephen Michael King drawing the illustrations for Bella’s Bad Hair Day.

Exploring 'Three': where did the idea for this story come from? Find out more.

Extension activities created by Learn from Play. Enjoy a maze, handwriting for young children, number matching, word shape matching, simple graphing and identifying favourite things.

'Three' and friends board game: this fabulous board game has been created by Stephen Michael King. Three and his friends are on an excursion to the park, help them navigate all the hurdles in their way.

The book cover for 'I need a parrot' by Chris McKimmie'I need a parrot': but what does a parrot need? A book about wanting and needing; what a child wants and what a wild bird needs.

Author/illustrator: Chris McKimmie

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781925804287

The illustrator at work: Using collage in 'Creating Me'.

Exploring 'I need a parrot': teaching notes for K-2 generously supplied by the publisher, Ford Street Publishing.


The book cover for 'We’re stuck' by Sue deGennaro'We’re Stuck': When Turtle races into the lift of Building 24, there is a nod and a blink and a step to the side. A grunt and a sigh and a lean to the right. But what happens when the lift stops moving? Crocodile has a meeting to get to. And Giraffe has a doctor’s appointment. And Turtle really, really needs to get to the shop.

Author/Illustrator: Sue deGennaro

Publisher: Scholastic Australia     

ISBN: 9781760663476

The author at work: Generating ideas for 'We’re Stuck'. Sue DeGennaro shares her favourite page from 'We’re Stuck'.

Exploring 'We’re Stuck': K-2 teaching notes. Written by Pegi Williams, kindly supplied by Scholastic Australia.


The book cover for 'Searching for Cicadas' by Lesley Gibbes and Judy Watson'Searching for Cicadas':in the summertime, Grandpa and I go cicada-watching. We put our camping gear into my wagon and walk down to the local reserve. Last year we saw five Green Grocers, three Yellow Mondays and one Floury Baker. Can we find the rare Black Prince this year?

Author: Lesley Gibbes    Illustrator: Judy Watson

Publisher: Walker Books Australia 

ISBN: 9781922244420 

Hear Lesley Gibbes talking about 'Searching for Cicadas'.

The illustrator at work: creating the leaf endpapers, includes leaf collage art activity.

Exploring 'Searching for Cicadas': K-2 teaching notes, kindly supplied by Walker Books.

The book cover for 'The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals' by Sami Bayly'The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals': enter the fascinating hidden world of the  animal kingdom's most unusual and beauty-challenged species. Explore more than sixty animals in this compendium of the unusual that celebrates the beauty in 'ugliness' and features detailed illustrations and facts about the thorniest species in the animal kingdom.

Author/Illustrator: Sami Bayly   

Publisher: Hachette Australia 

ISBN: 9780734419019 

The author talking about her inspiration for the book and some of her favourite facts

The illustrator at work: Illustrating 'Ugly Animals', painting the Brush Turkey

Exploring 'The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals': stage 3 teaching notes kindly supplied by Hachette.