Exhibition: A View of Newcastle - Postcards and Panoramas - Lovett Gallery

Thursday 4 November 2021 to Saturday 5 February 2022
5 days from now
Open during Newcastle (City) Library opening hours

The modern phone has changed the nature of both the panorama and the postcard. Phones have advanced so much that snapping a panorama is as easy as taking a selfie. And messaging your family and friends is much quicker than sending a postcard.

Before this technology existed, the traditional postcard was used to send short messages to people. As a bonus there was an image on the other side of the message, although not necessarily related to the information being relayed.

A panorama can be a long narrow image like those we capture on our phones, or it can be a wide expansive view of the landscape, typically taken on a camera.

This exhibition presents Newcastle through the two popular mediums, the panorama and the postcard. While panoramas provide a wide view of the landscape, the postcard takes a more compact approach to the views of the City.

They show the progress of the built environment on the Newcastle landscape from colonial times. The images of Newcastle have been sketched, painted and photographed on the land of the Awabakal and Worimi people.

Explore this amazing collection of panoramas and postcards and the stories they tell.

When: Thursday 4 November 2021 - Saturday 5 February 2022. Exhibition open during Newcastle (City) Library opening hours.

Where: Lovett Gallery, Newcastle (City) Library

Virtual Tour: Can't make it to the exhibition or want a sneak peek? Take a virtual tour of A View of Newcastle: Postcards and Panoramas here.



Lovett Gallery
Newcastle Library
15 Laman Street