Our Coastline

The coastline of the City of Newcastle stretches approximately 14km from Glenrock State Conservation Area in the south to Stockton Beach in the north. The Hunter River divides the coastline into two distinct coastal areas - the coast to the south is characterised by pocket beaches surrounded by tall coastal cliffs while Stockton Bight located north of the river forms the longest stretch of sandy beach in NSW.

The Newcastle coast and Hunter River is home to the Port of Newcastle and is a prominent economic zone on the local, state and national scale. Newcastle City Centre is located on the southern bank of the lower Hunter River estuary and is a thriving commercial and residential hub with major tourist drawcards including Nobbys Beach, Fort Scratchley and the heritage listed Newcastle Ocean Baths being top attractions for visitors. Merewether Beach is a listed National Surfing Reserve and flourishing recreation and social centre for locals and visitors alike.

Newcastle’s coast plays an important role in our sense of local identity and character and sustainable management of the coastline is required to retain the environmental, social, cultural and economic values of our coast for the enjoyment of the community now and into the future. 

Coastal Management and Planning

Council has prepared a number of documents to identify issues impacting on Newcastle's coastline.

Coastal Hazards

Our coastline is subject to a range of hazards including erosion, inundation, and cliff instability

Newcastle's Coastline

Our coastline is home to a great diversity of habitats, including rock platforms, which are home to a range of plants and animals