New Lambton Library

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City Of Newcastle continues its commitment to supporting clean energy renewable generation with the installation of a 9.9 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system at New Lambton Library. The system, which brings the total amount of solar PV installed on Council-owned buildings to 350 kW, is estimated to generate 14,300 kWh of energy per year.

This energy will be used to offset nearly 40% of grid-generated electricity used by the Library for lighting, air-conditioning, computers and other equipment.  The 39-panel system was installed after it was determined that there was the potential to save Council over $4,000 annually in electricity charges and stop the site being placed on a demand charge tariff.  The system utilises Enphase micro-inverters and can be monitored remotely to track system performance.

The solar PV system will reduce Council’s exposure to rising electricity prices while helping to meet its goal of having 30% of Council’s electricity generated from low-carbon sources by 2020.

Quick Facts

System size 9.9 kW
Location New Lambton, NSW
Total project cost $18,000
Date system switched on 21 December 2015
Payback 4.41 years
Internal rate of return 21%
Solar generated electricity 14,300 kWh pa
Grid consumption reduction  38.75% pa *
Energy and peak capacity savings $4,000 pa

 * At the time that the system was completed.


Solar panel type Polycrystalline
No. of panels 39
Panel efficiency ≥ 15.21%
Panel wattage 255W

To find out more contact Energy & Resource Management in the Projects and Contracts Unit on 02 4974 2000.