War Memorial Cultural Centre

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City Of Newcastle undertook building work on the Newcastle War Memorial Cultural Centre (WMCC), including the Local History Library, Lovett Gallery and City Library to improve the energy efficiency and structural integrity of the building. 

Opened in October 1957 the WMCC was originally the home of the city’s public library, art gallery and conservatorium of music. It is one of Newcastle’s most unique and prestigious buildings and was erected in memory of those who served in both World Wars. The library now extends over all levels of the building and includes an extensive lending library, a study area and computer lab as well as one of the country’s most comprehensive local history collections. The second floor also houses the exhibition spaces: the Lovett Gallery and the Local History Library. 

Council identified the need to replace the windows and to structurally reinforce the walls on the WMCC.  As the building is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register as an item of local significance heritage conservation architects were engaged to assist with the heritage aspects of the project.

Local company Kingston Building Australia Pty Ltd was appointed by Council to under the project, which took four months to complete.  They replaced 176 of the existing windows with a mixture of modern fixed and casement double-glazed windows which minimise the transfer of heat through the window frame.

The new windows remain aesthetically identical to the original in terms of opacity, reflection, glazing percentage, frame colour, arrangement and thickness.

The upgrade will significantly improve the thermal efficiency of the WMCC, resulting in reduced heating and cooling requirements, greater thermal comfort for staff and City Library visitors and a reduction in electricity consumption and costs, and carbon emissions.

The works will also improve the structural integrity of the building and extend its longevity, whilst decreasing annual asset maintenance costs.

Quick Facts

Scenario Double glaze windows
Location 1 Laman Street, Cooks Hill NSW
Date completed September 2016
Overall project cost $895,000 (ex GST)
Payback period 28.57 years
Internal rate of return 3%
Glazing type Low-e double glaze
No. of windows 176 casement windows

Estimated Savings (annual)

Electricity usage 119,000 kWh
Electricity costs $18,350 (ex GST)
GHG emissions 126 tonnes C02-e

To find out more contact Energy & Resource Management in the Projects & Contracts Unit on 02 4974 2000.