Flood Risk Management Plans

A Flood Risk Management Plan (Plan) allows forward planning of flood prone land with these steps:

  • Identify and assess options to reduce flood risk
  • Social, economic and environmental assessment of options
  • Ranking options
  • Recommend options for the Plan
  • Adopt the Plan
  • Apply for funding from Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) for implementation.

The elected Council of City of Newcastle adopted two Plans to implement flood risk management options in Newcastle.

View the adopted City Wide Flood Mapping.


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The Newcastle City Wide Flood Risk Management Plan is currently due to be reviewed, the first step in this review is to update the underlying Flood Study as part of the NSW Floodplain Development Manual framework. Information on the Throsby, Styx and Cottage Creek Flood Study can be found on City of Newcastle's Have Your Say webpage.

The purpose of the Plan is to set out short and long term actions to manage the risks of flooding in the Newcastle Local Government Area;  from river flooding (such as the Hunter River floods of 1955), from flash flooding (such as experienced in the "Pasha Bulker" storm of 8 June 2007) and ocean flooding (from storm surge and the potential impacts of sea level rise).

Hunter-St-HERO.jpgHunter Street during the June 2007 storm event

This Plan excludes the Wallsend area since City of Newcastle adopted a Plan for the Wallsend Commerical Centre in 2009.  The Newcastle City Wide Plan does not supersede or negate the Wallsend Plan.  Implementation of both the Newcastle City Wide Plan and the Wallsend Plan will occur concurrently.

The Wallsend Commercial Centre has unique and significant flood risks because it is located in the middle of the Ironbark Creek floodplain. City of Newcastle has been investigating the risk of flooding in Wallsend over many years and completed a comprehensive flood study in 2008 using historical flood data following the June 2007 event. Then in 2009 Council adopted the Wallsend Commercial Centre Floodplain Risk Management Plan (Plan).


Nelson Street Wallsend - 8th June 2007

The Plan outlines measures to reduce flood risk in the Wallsend Commercial Centre. It should be noted that the Plan investigated measures on a high level that would be subject to more detailed investigations into the costs, benefits and viability of undertaking structural works. Since the adoption of the Plan, City of Newcastle has undertaken the following actions.

  1. Commenced a Flash Flood Alert service for the Ironbark Creek catchment in July 2015
  2. Completed an Implementation Study of structural options to reduce flood risk in the Commercial Area in 2015.
  3. Prepared more detailed flood risk mapping to better inform planning controls for development in the catchment in the City Wide Plan in 2012
  4. Constructed Tyrrell Street bridge in March 2020
  5. Commenced detailed design for the upgrade of Boscawen Street bridge.
  6. Commenced upgrade of culvert at Cowper Street.

City of Newcastle is also investigating other flood mitigation measures for the Wallsend commercial area.

City Wide Flood Mapping
Planning Controls