Graffiti Management

Council takes a number of steps to deal with graffiti.

  • Call our call centre on 4974 2000 to report graffiti
  • Graffiti Removal Request Form (PDF)
  • A coordinated approach to graffiti removal in the community
  • Employs three crews to remove graffiti on Council buildings and infrastructure such as pools and parks
  • Undertakes graffiti and safety audits to measure the effectiveness of strategies in affected areas and recommends appropriate actions
  • Coordinates community art projects to prevent graffiti
  • Provides information for residents and businesses about graffiti removal and management
  • Removes graffiti as soon as possible.

To find out more about graffiti removal and clean up visit our graffiti removal tips page.

Graffiti on Council buildings

Council will remove graffiti on its own buildings as soon as possible.

If you see graffiti on a Council building you should report it by calling Council's call centre or completing a Graffiti Removal Request Form (PDF).

Graffiti on personal property

Council is not responsible for removing graffiti on buildings they do not own. You will need to organise for the graffiti to be removed at your own expense.

You can see our graffiti removal tips and Council provides a paid Graffiti Removal Service. There are also companies listed in the Yellow Pages who can remove the graffiti for you at a cost.

The Graffiti Removal Request Form (PDF) is a quick and easy way to report graffiti in your neighbourhood.

Preventing graffiti

The following strategies can help to prevent graffiti:

  • Plant vegetation to help restrict access to walls or views into buildings
  • Provide lighting - a well lit area may deter vandalism
  • Secure your property - make sure your property can not be easily accessed by unauthorised persons.

Other graffiti

Council is not responsible for removing graffiti on structures it does not own, including:

Energy Australia substations (the large green structures on footpaths)
Traffic Signal controls
Communications (eg: NBN Infrastructure)

Ausgrid assets - any graffiti located on a ie: power poles, substations etc the customer needs to contact Ausgrid directly, As they have a contractor who will removed any graffiti and repair any vandallism. Visit the Ausgird website.
Rail Infrustructure - ie: acoustic barriers, bridges is the responsiblity of NSW Transport and not Council. Please direct the customer to NSW Transport and they will assist them with submitting a complaint.

Graffiti on these items is the responsibility of the owner of these assets.