Local Centres Program

What is a Local Centre?

The Local Centres Public Domain Program guides the infrastructure renewal works within the local and neighbourhood centres throughout the Newcastle LGA.  The intention is to ensure quality outcomes, as these centres throughout Newcastle play an important role in the community and local economy.

As stated in Newcastle's  Local Planning Strategy (2015) 'commercial centres play an important role serving a more holistic function than just employment.  They provide for the retail, entertainment, recreational, community and social needs of the community…'

Local centres are those centres zoned B2, and neighbourhood centres are those centres zoned B1 under the Newcastle LEP 2012. To avoid confusion, both local and neighbourhood centres will be referred to as 'local centres' in Council's communications with the community. 

The Public Domain Plan for each centre aims to resolve streetscape, access and traffic issues and inform infrastructure renewal, such as footpaths, tree planting and street furniture.

Where are they located?

Public Domain Planning has commenced in a range of high priority centres (listed below).

Beresfield Local Centre

Beresfield is located in the far north west of Newcastle LGA. Beresfield Local Centre is concentrated on Lawson Avenue which is classified as a collector road.

Carrington Local Centre

Carrington was formerly an island in the estuary of the Hunter River and was built up with ballast resulting in a variable subgrade. It is a low lying area. Carrington Local Centre is concentrated in Young Street.

James Street Plaza, Hamilton

City of Newcastle has developed a Masterplan for the revitalisation of James Street Plaza which has been informed by a series of community engagement activities. The Plaza will be revitalised to create an open, multi-use space that is safe...

Joslin Street, Kotara

Kotara was originally established to create a ‘garden suburb’ with high quality housing. Joslin Street is home to one of Kotara's neighbourhood centres featuring small businesses frequented by locals.

Llewellyn Street, Merewether

Llewellyn Street is a neighbourhood centre located in the coastal suburb of Merewether, in the south east of Newcastle LGA. It is a busy through route connecting to Glebe Road, with basic shops including an IGA and post office.

Local Centres Facade Improvement Scheme

Grant funding for Carrington and Beresfield local centres have been completed.

Mitchell Street, Stockton

Stockton occupies a peninsula north of Newcastle CBD and has a ferry terminal at its southern point. Stockton Local Centre is concentrated along Mitchell Street, which services a small local community. It has basic shops including an IGA.

Moore Street, Birmingham Gardens

Birmigham Gardens is a small suburb located close to the University of Newcastle with convenient access to major roads in the area. Moore Street features a commercial centre and the renowned Regal Theatre.

Orchardtown Road, New Lambton

New Lambton is a residential area situated in the centre of Newcastle, providing easy access to all areas of the city. Orchardtown Road features a row of local shops that create a village hub for residents.

Shortland Local Centre

Shortland Local Centre is concentrated along Sandgate Road between Hansen Place and Mawson Street, which services the local community with a number of shops and small businesses.

Wallsend Local Centre

Wallsend is a large commercial centre located in the west of the LGA. Wallsend has a traditional main street focused on Nelson Street and Cowper Street and a large privately owned shopping mall (Wallsend Village) off Kokera and Bunn Streets.