Cycleways are a key part of Newcastle's transport network, now more than ever. Getting people out of cars and onto their bikes is good for the environment, reduces congestion, increases fitness and encourages social connections.  

That's why City of Newcastle has made expanding and improving the city's network of cycleways one of its four priority projects, with a focus on providing high standard facilities such as off-road paths that connect key destinations. The  Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan, adopted by Council in 2012, outlines our plans for expansion and upgrade of the network, in addition to actions for advocacy, promotion and education.

This is what we're working on right now:

Broadmeadow to Newcastle West cycleway

This project involves design and construction of the cycleway from Broadmeadow to Newcastle West.

Construction of the cycleway from Beaumont Street to Selma Street has been completed. Investigation of options to improve the final section of this route (namely the section over the Donald Street Bridge) is underway.

Maud Street, Waratah - University to City Centre Cycleway

Construction of mid-block signals on Maud Street and design of shared path in rail corridor.

A proposal for mid-block signals on Maud Street between Prince and Vera Streets, Waratah and other changes to calm traffic in the vicinity of the cycleway was exhibited from mid-July to mid-August 2017. Modifications to the proposal were made following public exhibition. Council approved installation of mid-block signals in December 2017 and construction is expected to start in 2018/19.

Chinchen Street Islington - Scholey Street to Maitland Road and Chatham Road to Chinchen Street

This project involves design of a shared pathway on Chinchen Street between the Scholey Street rail bridge and the proposed traffic signals at Clyde Street and connections to Maitland Road and Chatham Road.

The  concept plan for the proposed shared pathway and traffic control signals at the intersection of Chinchen and Clyde Streets, Islington, was on exhibition from 24 September to 22 October 2018.

Funds have been allocated in the 2018/19 financial year to progress design of the traffic signals and shared path connections and commence construction of the signals.

Clyde Street level crossing

We partnered with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to implement cycle safety improvements at the Clyde Street railway level crossing in Islington/Hamilton North.

ARTC have now shifted the eastern boom gate foundation and we have realigned the kerb and gutter approaching the level crossing from the north. This has relieved the existing pinch point at the level crossing by widening the road to provide a dedicated cycle lane across the railway.

Road resurfacing for impacted sections of road, new line marking and removal of two trees to provide adequate line of sight for motorists is expected to be completed in 2018/19.
Previously when approaching the level crossing along Clyde Street from the north, the road narrowed substantially and cyclists were required to merge with vehicle traffic. Although motorised vehicles passing cyclists are, by law, required to allow a distance of one metre to the cyclist in speed zones up to 60km/h, instances of near misses, verbal abuse of cyclists and other incidents have been reported.

This upgrade is consistent with longer term plans for construction of a shared path on the eastern side of Chatham Road and Clyde Street, connecting the east-west cycleway at Griffiths Rd/Chatham Rd to the University to Newcastle City route at Chinchen Street.

Glebe Road at Park Avenue traffic signals

This project involves design and construction of traffic control signals at the intersection of Glebe Road and Park Avenue.

This project is not part of the cycleways program but will have significant benefits for cyclists once complete. 

  More information is available on the project webpage.

Richmond Vale Rail Trail

This project involves preparation of an environmental assessment and concept design for the complete 32km pathway including the Shortland to Tarro pathway. The Richmond Vale Rail Trail proposal covers development of a 32km shared pathway from Hexham (Newcastle LGA) to Pelaw Main (Cessnock LGA) along a former rail corridor with historic features wherever possible and some minor roads and other routes where the rail corridor is no longer feasible.

Concept design complete. Review of documents in progress. 

 More information is available on the project webpage.

Shortland to Tarro cycleway

This project involves detailed design of a 3-3.5m wide shared pedestrian and cyclist pathway approximately 8km in length between Shortland and Tarro on the HWC pipeline alignment.

Investigation of connection from King Street to University in progress.

University Drive - Blue Gum Road to Regal Cinema

This project involves detailed design and construction of the missing link from the recently constructed shared path through the former tramway corridor west of Blue Gum Road, to connect with the University cycleway.‚Äč

Concept design complete.

Merewether to Newcastle City Centre

This project involves design and construction of a cycleway on Corlette Street from Laman Street to The Junction and on Watkins Street from Glebe Road to Merewether Beach.

A design is nearing completion and traffic studies done to assess the impacts of the proposed bicycle route.  The next steps involve referral of potential traffic changes for the section from the Junction to Merewether Beach for consideration by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee and community consultation.

Newcastle Inner City Bypass overbridge to Mordue Parade

This project involves detailed design and construction of a cycle route from the Newcastle Inner City Bypass overbridge near William Street, Jesmond, to the existing R5 (Wallsend to Newcastle City Centre) cycleway near Mordue Parade, Jesmond.

Concept design in progress.

John Hunter Hospital to Wallsend - shared path

This project involves design of connections from Newcastle Inner City Bypass (Rankin Park to Jesmond) JHH Interchange to Elermore catchment.

In progress.

Cycleways education and promotion

This project involves promotion and education for cycling in the Newcastle local government area in accordance with Section 5 of the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan (2012).

Cycle skills classes were conducted and continue to be scheduled; the second edition of the Newcastle cycleways guide and map has been printed and distributed; work on a cycling benefits campaign undertaken and a cycle safety campaign is being implemented in 2018/19.

Cycleways investigation and development

This project is to undertake feasibility and planning investigations for cycleways projects for future delivery.

Feasibility studies initiated in 2016/17 are near completion.  Studies scheduled for 2017/18 have not commenced.

Cycleway signposting

This project involves the design and installation of directional (wayfinding), destination and educational signposting on both on-road and off-road cycle routes throughout Newcastle LGA.

Please note: Consultation is usually undertaken at the concept design phase, should approval of changes by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee be required. Progression of these projects is dependent on funding.