Smart City Program

Newcastle is transitioning from a primarily industrial base to one that boasts a broader diversity of economic foundations.  It is also undergoing broad transformation as a result of the major urban renewal including delivery of light rail, growth in the city’s residential population and the recent establishment of a University of Newcastle city campus.  

Within this framework the smart city movement is emerging as pivotal in shaping how Newcastle will look and engage on a multitude of levels in the future.  It will be instrumental in revitalising and bringing renewed investment to our region. 

Council has responded to this opportunity with the establishment of the Newcastle Smart City Program.  The program comprises a group of activities for delivering Council's ambitious Newcastle Smart City Strategy: 

  1. Smart City Strategy
  2. Hunter Innovation Project (HIP)
  3. Regional Incubator Program

The program maximises opportunities as they are presented in sectors including technology, advanced manufacturing, the digital economy and creative industries.

It leverages the smart city movement to improve liveability, sustainability and economic diversity, develop local innovation, build international profile and attract talent and inward investment to our city. 

Hunter Innovation Project

The Hunter Innovation Project will deliver key catalyst infrastructure to accelerate transition of Newcastle as a smart city. Key projects include a city-centre digital precinct, smart city infrastructure and an innovation hub

Innovation Ecosystem

The Innovation Ecosystem project is a key component of the Newcastle Smart City Initiative. This project will connect the networks and areas of specialisation instrumental to developing a smart city.

Newcastle Smart City Strategy

The Newcastle Smart City Strategy will be a collaborative strategic planning document that will guide Council and a wide range of stakeholders and partners towards a smart and innovative future.