Beresfield Local Centre

Project Scope

To resolve streetscape, access and traffic issues and inform infrastructure renewal in the Beresfield Local Centre.

What is the process and where are we up to?

 Beresfield Local Centre Public Domain Planning Process Flow Chart (pdf)

Final plans

Council on 28 February 2017 approved the traffic component of the Beresfield Local Centre Public Domain Plan.  It has now been finalised and copies of all relevant documents are below.

 Beresfield Local Centre Public Domain Plan - Final Feb 2017 (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

 Beresfield-FAQs (pdf)

Council Report 

 Council Report 28 February 2017 (pdf)
 Council Resolution 28 February 2017 (pdf)

Other attachments

 Newcastle Voice Report: Beresfield Local Centre (pdf)
 Presentation to Community at Workshop (pdf)