What is Proposed?

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What is the Program/Overview?

Urban Growth NSW are currently coordinating the  Newcastle Urban Transformation and Transport Program. The project focuses on key areas of the city centre around the rail corridor. Urban Growth NSW are working closely with NSW Planning and Environment, Transport for NSW, Hunter Development Corporation and Newcastle City Council to develop the plans.

The NSW Government has committed $460 million to the project and made a number of announcements, including:
  • A new multi-modal  transport interchange at Wickham
  • Light rail between the Wickham interchange and Pacific Park
  • The activation of Hunter and Scott streets linked to the delivery of light rail
  • The revitalisation of land in the heavy rail corridor, the delivery of housing, and the delivery of improved public domain, including parks, entertainment precincts and public spaces.

What main studies apply?

Hunter Street Revitalisation Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework is the latest endorsed Council plan for Hunter Street. The plan establishes shared community visions for a revitalised Hunter Street. It sets out a number of key themes and 44 priority actions for Hunter Street.

For more information on this plan visit   Hunter Street Revitalisation Strategic Framework (pdf)