Bathers Way - Newcastle Beach

Page hero image City of Newcastle has released updated concept plans for the Bathers Way – Newcastle Beach project, including a beachside skate bowl positioned within the existing promenade at South Newcastle Beach.

Broad community engagement was undertaken on this section in December 2018 and following this we have developed a revised concept plan which incorporates a skate park and bowl west of the existing seawall while maintaining the other elements of the Bathers Way.

View the  concept designs and visit our  Have Your Say project page for more information on the consultation.

About Bathers Way - Newcastle Beach

Bathers Way - Newcastle Beach is the stretch of Bathers Way from Shortland Esplanade to King Edward Park. Associated with this section is the development of a skate park and recreational facilities.

This project will create a vibrant and attractive hub for visitors and residents while upgrading the pedestrian and cycle path links in this section of the Bathers Way.

This section of the Bathers Way phase is currently under design to include:

  • Construction of the Bathers Way shared path from Shortland Esplanade to King Edward Park
  • Improved access to South Newcastle Beach and King Edward Park
  • Improved lighting, seating, viewing and accessibility
  • New intermediate to advanced skate park and bowl
  • Indigenous artwork and interpretive signage
  • Parking, landscaping and accessibility improvements
  • New fitness equipment, shade, seating, and viewing areas
  • New café/kiosk and accessible amenities
Further detailed design work is to be undertaken following community engagment on the concept to ensure the design meets requirements for an intermediate to advanced skate facility accessible by wheelchair athletes, incoporating advice from coastal engineers, environment and geotechnical experts.

Community consultation for Newcastle Beach 

We carried out broad community engagement activities for the Bathers Way - Newcastle Beach in December 2018, including drop-in sessions at four locations across the Local Government Area and an online survey.

 Download the consultation report 

Updated Concept

Having carefully considered what we heard from stakeholders and the community we revised the design and sought additional community feedback. Visit  Have Your Say for more information.


Finaalisation of the detailed design for Bathers Way - Newcastle Beach is expected in 2020 with construction to commence in 2020.

Newcastle Community Hub (Stage 2) - subject to funding

The Newcastle Beach Community Facility which includes a proposal for demolishing the existing beach pavilion and constructing a new community building is subject to additional funding. Design for this project is yet to commence. This stage includes:
  • Construction of a new community building including a new Surf Life Saving Pavilion
  • New café/kiosk, accessible amenities and showers
  • New landscaping, shade and seating
  • Improved access between Newcastle Beach and CBD.