Wickham Master Plan

The  Wickham Master Plan (pdf) adopted by Council on 28 November 2017, outlines the vision of how the area is to evolve over a 25 year horizon from a semi-industrial suburb into a mixed use urban area reinforcing the Newcastle City Centre core within adjoining Newcastle West.  The master plan also identifies strategies and actions for implementation based on extensive background investigation and consultation with key stakeholders.

Vision for Wickham



Council also prepared and adopted The Wickham Local Area Traffic Management plan consistent with the Wickham Master Plan, which will be implemented over time as redevelopment occurs.

Further actions required to implement the Wickham Master Plan will be carried out in consultation with key stakeholders.  These include the following projects:
  1. Replacement of Section 6.03 Wickham within Newcastle Development Control Plan with new locality specific provisions to guide all development proposals within the area to which the Wickham Master Plan applies.
  2. Amendment to Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 with respect to land use, development standards, and the introduction of development incentives provisions.
  3. Inclusion of the Wickham Master Plan area into the City Centre Public Domain Technical Manual.
  4. Preparation of a detailed plan for Wickham Park.
  5. Infrastructure and capital works related to public domain, stormwater drainage, and traffic management.

Background information

The following documents provide background information related to the preparation of the   Wickham Master Plan (pdf):

  1. The  Discussion Report prepared to initiate consultation with key stakeholders regarding potential opportunities and challenges for Wickham.
  2. The   Wickham Landowners Workshop Report (pdf) documented the engagement outcomes for establishing the vision for Wickham and prioritise the issues to be addressed within the master plan.
  3. The   Wickham Technical Workshop Report (pdf) documented potential options identified for addressing conflicting issues and implementing opportunities as collaborated by technical experts and State agencies.
  4. An   Economic Analysis for Wickham (pdf) prepared by AEC Group.
  5. A  Traffic and Transport Assessment (pdf) prepared by Bitzios Consulting.
  6. The Community Engagement Program (pdf) delivered during the public exhibition of the draft Wickham Master Plan from April to June 2017.