Tree Removal

Page hero image The following information provides a guide regarding tree removal in the Newcastle local government area and a link to the application form.

Tree removal on your property

There are some instances where approval is not required for the removal of trees. To remove a tree without approval you must meet one of the following criteria - the tree must:
  • Be located within three metres of the wall of your house or a neighbouring house (excluding carports, pergolas, fences, retaining walls and the like) measured from the closest point of the trunk to the footings of the building
  • Have a circumference at breast height not greater than 450 millimetres for a single trunk tree or not greater than 300 millimetres for each trunk of a multi-trunk tree
  • Be dead and not provide a habitat for hollow-dependent fauna.
Owners of trees not meeting these requirements will need to complete a complying development certificate for tree management work. Tree removal on   environmentally sensitive land is not covered by a complying development certificate and may require a Development Application.
For more information on tree removal refer to  frequently asked questions (pdf).

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