Grants & Sponsorships

Economic Development

The Economic Development Sponsorship Program (EDSP) has been developed to support local economic development initiatives designed to help achieve Council priorities and generate local economic development benefits.

Investment in Arts and Culture

The Council Support for Arts and Cultural Organisations program is focused on supporting not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations in Newcastle to be sustainable by supporting them to develop projects for the city.

Recreation Facilities Program

Provides funding to sporting groups in the Newcastle LGA to assist with minor capital works projects. The funding is provided on a dollar for dollar basis (or works in kind).

Events Sponsorship

A program to provide sponsorship for events that will enhance the city's profile as a visitor destination, providing economic benefit and brand exposure.

Community Assistance

Newcastle City Council supports and helps develop the community by providing services, grants and sponsorships as well as encouraging public participation.

Make Your Place Community Grants

The Make Your Place grants can help the community to create a more vibrant, activated and safer public space.