School Excursions

Blackbutt Reserve offers a range of educational experiences for children of all ages on a variety of subjects to fit in with the NSW primary school curriculum.

Each program is designed to encourage practical hands on learning and enhance student knowledge on the environment and its conservation. Each program runs for 45 minutes and caters for up to 60 students per group.

Blackbutt Reserve offers the following programs:

  1. Living World - Shelter Diversity - Examining and identifying environmental shelters.
  2. Living World - Plant Diversity - Identifying different types of plants and their features.
  3. Living World - Environmental Interactions - Investigating the characteristics of living things and their proper order.
  4. Living World - Animal Diversity - Identifying different types of animals and their needs.
  5. Our Australia - Identifying Australian animals and highlighting their unique adaptations to their environment.
  6. Global Environments - Rainforests - Investigating and identifying a rainforest environment.

Download the program information (pdf).

Reptile encounter

Hands-on educational experience with Blackbutt's reptiles in the Wildlife Arena. Encounter runs for 30 minutes and caters for up to 60 students in a group.


  • $285 for up to 30 students (45 minute program)
  • $12 per student thereafter (45 minute program)
  • $50 per shelter hire (your group can have a designated area for bags and lunchtime).
  • $130 for up to 30 students (reptile encounter)
  • $6 per student thereafter (reptile encounter)


To book an education experience please contact our friendly office staff:

P: 4904 3344