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Is alcohol allowed on site?
Responsible alcohol consumption is allowed at the Reserve.

Can I take wedding photos in the Reserve?
Yes, Blackbutt Reserve offers many scenic areas for photography.

Is there a time limit?
Blackbutt Reserve is open 7am – 7pm daily. If you plan for your wedding to finish later than 7pm, Blackbutt can arrange for the perimeter gates to be closed at a nominated time.

Is there access to electricity?
There is direct access to electricity at Richley Reserve site C and at all shelters except for the Honeyeater, Spoonbill and Crimson Rosella shelters. Additional power can be provided upon request for Area D.

Is there vehicle access direct to site?
Vehicle access to Area D only, limited to one vehicle. There is a gate opening fee, please see fees and charges Weddings

Can I engage external suppliers? (professional caterers, marquee suppliers)
Yes. You will need to supply a copy of the company’s Liability Insurance as per Council policy;
Public Liability is required if you are hosting a major event or using professional caterers or amusement devices. Please provide a Certificate of Currency from any organisation’s insurers who certify at least $20 million public liability coverage for this event and have noted 'Newcastle City Council' as an interested party on the certificate. This insurance policy also contains a cross liability clause.

How far in advance is payment due?
Full payment is due at the time of booking.

How will I know it has been booked?
You will be issued with a licence which includes conditions of use and booking details. This is your proof of payment and booking. Shelters will be roped off with tag line and signs.

Do wedding guests have to pay the Park Conservation Fee? (car park fee)
Yes. If you would like to prepay tickets for your guests on the day, please contact the office to arrange. Otherwise please see fees and charges.  Weddings