Stockton projects and works

We're working on a range of projects in Stockton to address coastal and environmental issues and provide improved recreational facilities.

Coastal works update - April 2019

We're delivering a range of on-ground works as part of the Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018.

Mitchell Street seawall

The northern end of the Mitchell Street seawall opposite Barrie Crescent has been repaired, including new beach access, sand fencing and reinstatement of grass and dune vegetation.

We’re currently undertaking further proactive sand fencing restoration activity across Barrie Crescent frontage and north to Griffiths Street.

Design for repairs to the main seawall at Mitchell Street are underway. Repairs to the previous accessway and car parking area at the end of Gri ths Street car park is under design. Stormwater infi ltration works, road line marking, sand fencing, accessway repair and removal of construction fence is scheduled to occur before 30 June 2019.

Beach access

Safe access points to the beach at King Street (at the southern and northern side of the breakwall), Lexie’s Café and Hereford Street (The Pines), have been repaired and access to the beach remains open.

Signs warning of submerged objects as well as closed accessways along the coastline, have been installed and removed, in response to the changing weather conditions and the e ects on beach safety.

Dalby Oval accessways will be part of next round of beach access upgrades.

Beach maintenance work

Dune rehabilitation and vegetation restoration is an ongoing activity as sand levels and weather conditions allow. The Stockton Surf Lifesaving Club seawall at the southern end of the beach is performing as designed. Weather conditions have limited the build-up of sand at this location.

Based on ongoing drone monitoring all current exposed rocks are quite stable. Any rocks that have not withstood recent weather events will be repaired, in conjunction with other seawall rock nourishment activities in the 2019/20 fi nancial year.

Sand fencing footings and other items that have been exposed by swells have been removed and repaired. This will continue, as required and when conditions permit.

Further proactive dune restoration activity in front of the Stockton Holiday Park is being undertaken during April to June 2019.

Community information sessions

We held two community information sessions on 8 April 2019 to provide information on Stockton projects and works and deliver a community presentation on the progress of the Coastal Management Program and current coastal maintenance works. Representatives from the Office of Environment and Heritage and Hunter Water Corporation also gave presentations.


 Presentation by City of Newcastle staff (pdf)
 Posters displayed at the information session (pdf)

More information

For information on the Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018 and the Newcastle Coastal Management Program, visit our coastal planning webpage.

Current projects

Exercise equipment

We're installing six new outdoor fitness stations along Stockton foreshore to help our community stay fit and active. Installation is expected to start in mid-May 2019 and take around five weeks to complete, weather permitting.
The stations will include a bench press, stretching station, cycle seat, shoulder press, sit up bench, aerobic walker, and pull up, chin up and dip bars.
The equipment is part of our Outdoor Exercise Facilities Plan and is funded by City of Newcastle and a grant from Port Waratah Coal Services.

South Stockton Active Hub

Construction of the urban skate plaza and playground at Griffith Park is almost complete and is expected to open mid-2019. Inspired by the ideas of local primary school students, the design pays homage to Stockton and Newcastle's industrial history through design elements.

The new playground features a flying fox, dancing snake, rocker, double swing, climbing structure, accessible carousel spinner, sand play area, and a social area with shelter, BBQ and picnic table. Features of the urban skate plaza include rails, angle ledges, hubbas, kerb cuts, A-frame kicker, zig zag ledge and a half pipe.

The South Stockton Active Hub concept plan was publicly exhibited from 28 June to 4 August 2017. Submissions were received about a range of issues relating to the playground and skate plaza. Where possible, the concept plan was amended to address key issues that are within the scope of the project.

A number of the issues raised were outside the scope of the current project, such as parking, commercial trade and inclusion of an outdoor exercise park. These issues are being considered separately.

This $1.9 million project is part funded by the NSW Government’s Newcastle Port Community Contribution and section 94 developer levies collected by Newcastle and Port Stephens city councils.


 Amended South Stockton Active Hub concept plan (June 2018) (pdf)
 South Stockton Active Hub final context plan (June 2018) (pdf)
 Overview of final concept for South Stockton Active Hub (jpg)
 Media Release Construction starts on Stockton drawcard - December 2018

Proposed projects

Stockton local centre renewal

Our Local Centres Program aims to improve the visual amenity, community and safety functions of local and neighbourhood centres throughout the local government area. This is achieved by redesigning the streetscape including road and footpath layout, lighting and landscaping within the centre.

The Public Domain Plan for Stockton’s commercial centre was approved by Council in February 2017 following community consultation, and the project will include:

  • A 40km/h zone and associated traffic calming devices to reduce speed and increase safety
  • Road and pedestrian lighting upgrade, including smart city technology
  • Street trees suited to the coastal location and areas of ground cover planting
  • New street furniture, including seats, bike racks and bins
  • New kerb, gutter and footpath
  • Renewed road pavement
  • Drainage upgrade
  • No loss of parking.

Detailed design and documentation is now underway. Information sessions for business owners and affected residents will occur prior to construction, which is scheduled to start in late 2019.

For more information visit the   Stockton Local Centre page.

Ferry terminal car park extension

We are investigating the feasibility of expanding the car park at Stockton ferry terminal to help deal with the growing number of commuters using the site each day.

The assessment of site constraints and options is progressing. Design is expected to occur in 2019/20 following community consultation.

We are also considering other options for additional parking in Stockton.

Recently completed projects

Stockton laneways drainage renewal

In early 2019, we completed drainage works in the laneway between King Street and North Street, Stockton, to address localised stormwater ponding.
Infiltration pits were installed along the length of the laneway to reduce water ponding, reduce inundation of adjoining properties and improve water quality. 
This renewal project is part of a larger program of work to upgrade the drainage in key laneways throughout Stockton.

Hunter Street stormwater improvements

We completed stormwater improvement works in Hunter Street, Stockton in May 2018 to control tidal inundation and improve maintenance access.

The existing stormwater pipeline and outlet near the Ballast Ground playground in Hunter Street was degraded resulting in stormwater inundation and surcharge from high tides.

The following improvement works were completed to provide a better functioning stormwater system:
  • Removing two sections of pipe and replacing one
  • Formalising the outlet with a headwall
  • Replacing rock revetment around the pipe
  • Installing a tidal control device at the outlet.

Stockton Beach seawall and car park renewal

Construction of a 140m rock revetment seawall from Stockton Surf Club to Lexie’s on the Beach was completed in March 2017. The completed seawall will ensure the long term stability and protection of coastal assets while maintaining current levels of beach access and amenity.

Both car park areas were reconstructed to provide improved control of rainfall surface flows. This provides additional protection to the beach, as the majority of the surface flows will be directed away from the dune structure into new infiltration pits and garden areas.

In the northern car park between the surf club and the amenities, the layout has been revised to suit the current shape of the car park, which was altered by some loss of area during the 2016 storms. The northern car park now includes two accessible spaces adjacent to the beach accesses at the surf club and the amenities building.
For the southern car park between Lexie's Café and the amenities, the car park alignment has been altered to improve access between the main southern beach access and the amenities building. This provides a safer path for pedestrians, as well as surf club members moving equipment to and from the beach.

North Stockton boat ramp car park renewal

The North Stockton boat ramp car park upgrade was completed in July 2017. The asphalt boating hub now boasts around 60 spaces for cars and boat trailers south of the miniature harbour and floating pontoon.

Improvements include picnic facilities, a new amenities block offering disabled access and increased safety, a sheltered fish cleaning facility and new wash-down bays for cars.

The $850,000 infrastructure project was jointly funded by City of Newcastle and the NSW Government through Transport for NSW.