Maud Street, Waratah - road safety improvements

We are implementing traffic changes in Maud Street Waratah to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the University to Newcastle City cycling route.

The cycleway between the University of Newcastle (Callaghan) and the Newcastle City Centre is a key regional route in Newcastle's cycling network. Crossing Maud Street currently presents major safety and accessibility issues for both cyclists using the cycleway and pedestrians. Plans to improve this crossing are currently being developed and a signalised mid-block crossing is planned.

Key features of the project include:

  • Construction of a signalised mid-block crossing between Prince Street and Vera Street.
  • Kerb extensions with shared paths on Prince Street and Vera Street to allow cyclists to safely connect to the crossing
  • Two travel lanes northbound on Maud Street between Lorna Street and Maitland Road.
  • No exit from Vera Street at Maud Street to enhance the safety at this intersection.

Detailed Design for this project is currently underway, with construction anticipated to commence mid-2024. We have been liaising with Transport for NSW throughout this phase to ensure that all requirements are addressed.

Thank you for having your say

Thank you to everyone who has previously provided feedback on the traffic changes to accommodate a signalised mid-block crossing for the section of Maud Street between Prince Street and Vera Street. For more on community engagement for this project visit our Have Your Say page.

Cycle routes and facilities in the areaThe R6 is the University (Callaghan) to Newcastle City cycleway.

The route is shown in the map at (select Newcastle City to University). The project will change what is currently a challenging crossing for cyclists to negotiate.