Wallsend, Boscawen and Nelson Street bridge replacements


We are working to improve Wallsend's resilience to stormwater. 

The replacement of Wallsend's Boscawen Street bridge is one of a series of projects in development to improve flood mitigation, as well as the look and feel of Wallsend's local centre area. 

Detailed design of a new Boscawen Street bridge is complete. Before construction planning can commence, arrangements for access to the stormwater channel and areas adjacent to the bridge need to be made. 

Replacement of the nearby Nelson Street bridge is also planned. Detailed design for this bridge is complete, and the intent is for construction of the Nelson Street bridge to occur following completion of the Boscawen Street bridge to minimise traffic impacts.  

Both bridges will be raised, and the span lengthened to accommodate the future widening of Hunter Water's stormwater channel, leading to improved resilience to heavy rain events impacting Ironbark Creek. 

At the February 2024 Ordinary Council Meeting a proposal was endorsed to acquire a property adjacent to the bridges and channel, which is necessary for completion of each project. Consultation with the owners of 68 Nelson Street has commenced. 

Timing for construction of the new Boscawen Street bridge will be confirmed following this process.