Coastal Buildings Revitalisation Plan

We are in the early stages of developing a Coastal Buildings Revitalisation Plan to enable a proactive approach to the maintenance and renewal of coastal assets.

The plan will be developed in consideration of the various strategic documents including Coastal Management Programs (CMP's), the needs of the community, and asset conditions, as well as technical reports and resources to ensure that our coastal buildings can be effectively managed over a longer period.

It will incorporate a range of structures along the coastline from Stockton in the north to Merewether Ocean Baths Pavilion in the south, including lifeguard facilities, surf club pavilions and clubhouses, beach kiosks, shade shelters and amenities, as well as adjacent seawalls.

The first stage of developing the plan is to undertake a User Needs Analysis to understand how different stakeholders use our coastal buildings and structures.

We will be working with key stakeholders and the community to inform the User Needs Analysis as well as the eventual plan.

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