Road Rehabilitation and Resurfacing

In the 2023/24 financial year, we have allocated close to $25 million for the renewal and delivery of new roads, bridges and new footpaths. This includes $7 million on bridges, $11.5 million on road rehabilitation, $4 million on road resurfacing, preparation, testing and monitoring, $1 million on footpaths and $1.5 million on street furniture.

What's involved?

Road resurfacing involves replacement of the top layers of the road - asphalting, linemarking, and often accompanying kerb and gutter works.

Road rehabilitation work often involves repair or replacement of drainage structures or other services deep underneath the road.

Road surface preservation works include crack sealing, asphalt patching, resealing and surface rejuvenation treatments are carried out on an annual program. If you would like more information about our re-sealing program and why we do it, please visit the Re-sealing Your Road page.

A quick run down of how our crews deal with potholes across Newcastle.

Road rehabilitation works

Current rehabilitation projects

  • Maryland Drive, Maryland
  • Irrawang Road, Wallsend
  • Awabkal Drive, Fletcher

Road resurfacing works

Current resurfacing projects

  • Beaumont Street, Hamilton
  • Prince Street, Waratah
  • Chin Chen Street, Islington
  • Seaton Street, Maryland
  • Sandycroft Street, Maryland
  • Boundary Road, Maryland
  • Berwick Crescent, Maryland
  • Cowper Street, Wallsend

Planned resurfacing projects

  • Lenaghans Drive, Lenaghans
  • William Street, Tighs Hill
  • Justin Parade, Elemorevale
  • Pauline Place, Elemorevale
  • Stacey Close, Elemorevale
  • Macarthur Street, Shortland
  • Corona Street, Mayfield
  • Denison Street, Hamilton
  • Morehead Street, Lambton

Kerb and gutter works

Kerb and gutter upgrades

  • Lingard Street, Merewether - construction
  • Harriet Street, Waratah - investigation
  • Stephen Street, Georgetown

Footpath rehabilitation

  • Hollingsford Crescent, Carrington
  • Northcott Drive, Kotara
  • 359 Park Avenue, Kotara at Johnson Street
  • Parkway Avenue, Hamilton South
  • Tyrrell Street, Wallsend


  • Wall Lane, North Lambton (design)
  • Unnamed lane off Morehead Street, Lambton (design)
  • Unnamed Laneway between 36 and 38 Roe Street, Mayfield

Car Parks

Planned works

  • 6 Victoria Street, Mayfield

New footpaths

We have separate programs for the expansion of the footpath and cycleway networks through Pedestrian and Traffic Improvements and Cycleway Works.

Local Centre renewal projects:

Other Works

There is also funding for replacement of street signs, line marking, ordinance fencing and street furniture.

Street lighting

  • Anderson Drive, Beresfield (pedestrian crossing lighting)
  • Sunset Boulevard, North Lambton (pedestrian crossing lighting)

Transport stops

  • Newcastle Road, Jesmond - transport stop upgrade with shelter
  • Park Avenue, Adamstown - transport stop design
  • Cowper Street, Wallsend - transport stop design
  • Young Street, Georgetown - transport stop investigation

Pedestrian fencing

  • Northcott Drive, Kotara

What's next?

Projects being investigated for future road programs

  • Fern Street, Islington
  • Longworth Avenue, Wallsend
  • Margaret Street, Merewether
  • Mathieson Street, Carrington
  • Park Avenue, Kotara
  • Pride Avenue, Lambton
  • Samdon Street, Hamilton
  • Tyrone Road, New Lambton